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Katie + Ryan

After living in Sydney as event producers, we worked with talented teams to curate unique brand experiences. With more businesses and consumers understanding the importance of wellness in day to day life, we  loved to collaborate with artists, yoga instructors, key speakers, chefs, meditators, comedians, naturopaths, stylists, plant therapists.. yes you heard it! Through a conversation by the surf we decided we wanted to create a community of creative makers and wellness experts to curate inspiring wellness events.

Since returning to London, we craved the convenience of ‘wellness on your doorstep’ from the natural outdoor living style to the fitness and holistic immersive space where the wellness community is part of everyday life. As we become ever more aware of a growing population of people suffering with mental health whether it is depression, anxiety,  burn out and even loneliness,  we understand the need for wellness to become an essential part of daily life . As we emerge from lock down, it is important to lead with compassion and focus on wellbeing. 

Our mission is to constantly evolve by curating immersive, accessible wellness experiences to inspire a healthier community.

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